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Blog 1: A Marriage Made in Heaven – Contract Valeting

Contract Valeting

Are some prestige cars being treated like a cheap kitchen plate?

If you have ever been to a traditional Greek wedding, and didn’t consume too much Ouzo, (difficult I know), you may have witnessed a very old tradition of the breaking of the plates.

The breaking of plates at such a wedding was (and is still) seen as a symbol of good fortune and abundance, wishing the happy couple luck in their future life together.

Of course plates are disposable items, with no real relevance to the automotive market, so why would I make such an analogy with prestige cars?

Of course, I could be trying to endorse a replacement for the age old plate smashing ceremony, with a new cooler and more destructive 21st century wedding tradition, where the bride and groom each try to side swipe each other off a steep mountain road, in a pair of BMW Convertibles….

But no I’m not.

So what is the point then?

Ok, well unless your smashing expensive Royal Doulton China at your Greek Wedding, the value of a plate is peanuts. A plate is cheap, it’s expendable…it doesn’t really matter if it’s damaged, after all they are only a couple of quid, right? Yet, at home we treat our cheap plates with care.

You handle them carefully, you curse loudly if you drop them, well I do, loud enough for the cat to cower under the settee for an hour. What about after your evening meal then, your cheap plates are likely to be washed thoroughly in a nice hot dish washer. Or…. if you haven’t invested in that delightful technology, you reluctantly wash the dishes yourself in warm water, again with care.

….And this is the crux of what I’m getting at….you wash your dishes in hot water, if you want to get them clean? After all, it’s a right pain in the backside trying to get egg and bacon remains off a plate with tepid or cold water is it not?

So summing up, I assume you wash your £1.99 plates, in warm water?

Ok, what about a brand new £40,000 car then?

It’s pretty surprising, but within the vehicle preparation market, often major valeting firms will insist on using cold water cleaning for new vehicle preparation..of course in conjunction with “special” cleaning products.

So my question is this, are we therefore treating our “cheapo” plates better than a luxury car?

Preposterous surely?

Well the facts are this, it often occurs…. Cold water is sometimes used by Valeting companies to either save money or to obtain a contract by quoting a lower price to dealerships. From experience, we even know dealerships who were unaware that their prestige vehicles were being prepared using cold water rather than hot water…much to their annoyance.

Valeting companies will also try and sell cold water techniques to dealerships as an environmental benefit. After all, cold water doesn’t require heating equipment, burning fuels like kerosene. That’s fine, but I believe that argument to be slightly flawed, as cold water requires more chemicals than hot water to generate a comparative clean.

Arguments aside, surely prestige cars are more valuable than your own dirty dinner plate and deserve to be treated as such.

Surely a better valeting finish can be attained with hot water rather than cold? Doesn’t that make sense to you?

As a business we prefer to use hot water techniques when preparing vehicles and as we’ve been around since 1974

working for multiple UK dealerships, we feel fairly well qualified to know what works and what doesn’t.

Yes, cleaning products have changed, so what’s the big deal…they work with cold water don’t they?

Well yes, but I think we are uniquely positioned to also comment on this as a valeting company.

Our business has actually developed and sold on its own range of car cleaning materials. That actually gave us a good grounding and understanding of chemical cleaning.

So you could say we understand “special” vehicle cleaning products intrinsically ….and although there are some great cleaning products out there, we have yet to see one work better with cold water than hot.

So if your examining your own car preparation and cleaning regime, perhaps ask yourself the question……cold or hot?

After all, it’s the customer who notices the difference….or would you serve a dinner to a friend on a dirty plate?

Worse still… would you prang your BMW at a Greek wedding in the name of tradition?

Come in from the cold…and call Falcon Car Care….and see how your cars are meant to be looked after.

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