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Falcon Care – Why simple ethics drives loyalty and retention

With 44 years in the automotive industry, I think it’s fair to say we have plenty of experience when commenting on operative retention. Many things can go wrong with a valeting contract, but as a labour based resource, the most important aspect of valeting is people. Valeting is a man management business and too often we have seen valet management companies treat operatives poorly, to the extent that it borders on negligence.   Often companies were guilty of taking on contracts at a rate where the profit is unsustainable. This results in operatives not being paid correctly, lack of management visits to the site, poor support and a lack of equipment and chemicals being supplied.

But whose fault is this?  Some automotive groups have previously practised cost-cutting exercises to the point where the valet management company is backed into a corner – either reduce costs or lose the contract.   This equates to buying the contract and delivering on no profit or clawing profit back by hitting the operatives in the pocket with larger deductions and lack of support.

This is a slippery slope and nearly always results in poor service, discontent on site from operatives and a constant flux of labour.  Ultimately, despite good intentions, it becomes false economy for the automotive retailer. Simply put, one bad valet can be enough to lose a customer and their lifecycle value, which could be considerable.  Can Retailers really afford to take this risk? We believe valeting is simple.  Retention of good operatives is important but more importantly is the ethics of treating operatives with respect and ensuring they are paid on time and the minimum wage.   The “Falcon Care” statement is not just some glib corporate statement, it’s something we believe in and it’s embedded in the way we operate.  You see, all our management once worked on site as valeting operatives and have worked their way up through the business, including our own Managing Director. This means we have a unique take on valeting and operate a business which fosters loyalty right the way through the company and rewards good service.

As one of our supervisors, Daniela Stefanescu commented

“We feel more valued because Falcon’s management respect and actually care about the standards delivered.  This makes a big difference knowing someone appreciates what you do.”

Sometimes the simple things are what matters most and make the biggest impact.

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