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“Specialist Vehicle Valeting for the Automotive Industry”
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Going way beyond expectations

“Falcon’s flexibility and commitment cannot be questioned”

Prepared for all eventualities…

We know the auto industry can be unpredictable and at times you may need more resources because of fluctuations in volume, a site transfer or even a specific logistical challenge.

Whatever the circumstances, we can help.

Falcon have a fleet of rapid response vehicles that can race to your site to provide the valeting support you need.

With resources throughout the UK and over 400 valeters at our disposal we have teams readily available to help solve any resource problem.

Nothing is too much Trouble…

How Falcon’s rapid response teams turned around a vehicle preparation site re-location

One of our customers had a requirement to move their used car preparation services from 5 individual sites to a single outlet. It was decided that the move would occur in the last two weeks of September.

Falcon Car Care put a plan in place to ensure we could deliver a continuous service during the transitional period. Equipment, chemicals and valeters were all sourced and all was prepared for what the client envisaged to be a slow trickle of vehicles to the new site.

However vehicles were delayed for over a week and then over 500 cars arrived in the space of three days.
Clearly this was a problem for the client and they needed to get their cars turned around within a three day period to clear the back log. Vehicles only started arriving on the Friday afternoon and the client requested help from Ian Rigby, Managing Director of Falcon to see if we could get as many cars as possible completed for Monday.

Falcon reacted immediately establishing a nightshift that very evening and calling upon our rapid response teams for the following 48 hours to assist the customer to achieve their objective.

Falcon completed ALL 500 vehicles by Monday Morning so the transporters were able to collect stock and transport them to their sites. Falcon received a personal thanks and commendation from the customer for the flexibility and commitment the company had shown in delivering what was promised under difficult circumstances.