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Going way beyond expectations

“Falcon’s flexibility and commitment cannot be questioned”

“I would like to put on record my level of appreciation for a level of service that is way beyond that of my expectations. All too often people criticise the valeting industry, and the level of service they supply, I must admit I was on this band wagon until coming across Falcon Car Care.

Your service is exception to the norm, your operatives are of a professional nature and always smart. Your hardware is of the best quality, and always the latest technology.

Despite giving us the most competitive prices, this has certainly not come at the cost of service delivered. We are quick to complain, so I thought I would let you guys know what a good job your team is doing.”

Tony Green, Dealer Principal, Volvo

“We have recently taken Falcon on board after 4 years of a prior valeting company, the change in terms of focus, attention to detail, desire for our custom and general willingness to get the job done is staggering and has seen an overnight improvement. Ian and his team are constantly on hand if there are an issues that need resolving – so far there certainly been no need. The transition has been superb due to Ian and Jims hands on approach. The valeters feel engaged in what’s required and how the company operates. The one thing I like, is the very simple no nonsense approach, they do not complicate things, if it’s not working, they just look at what needs doing, make a change or two and it happens. Their initial approach was very good as well, they consulted us first as to what the areas of concern were, we’ve already seen an improvement in our Customer Satisfaction results on Service, great start to our relationship with Ian and his team.”

Steve Webb, Centre Principal, Stratstone Porsche Bolton

“Over the last 7-8 years I have used the services of Falcon Car Care at various retail outlets, notably Volkswagen in Chester and have always found them to be reliable and co-operative in all aspects of the business. They are flexible to the varying aspects of the business and have always found them to be responsive to the changing needs of the motor trade business.

I would have no problem recommending them to any other motor trade business.”

Adrian Hunt, General Sales Manager, Volkswagen

“Falcon have managed and carried out all aspects of our vehicle valeting processes at three sites for a number of years. The volumes between the three sites are in the region of 35,000 to 40,000 units per year. The standards we expect are very high and Falcon Care Care have proved more than capable of meeting them over a long period. Any problems that may occur are dealt with promptly and efficiently. The people they employ to carry out the work are hard working and flexible which helps when trying to manage fluctuating volumes. I hope this helps with your decision in employing a reliable and conscientious valeting company.”

Steve Stanger, Paragon Automotive

“Since January 2007 I have been working with Falcon Car Care and can honestly say they are one of the best I have worked with. When dealing with the Prestige Market place you need a reliable and efficient team to support you and with the assistance of the General Manager – Tim Owen who has been excellent, I would strongly recommend.”

Sales Manager, Audi

“Audi have employed the services of Falcon Car Care Ltd for the past 18 months.During this time I have found them to be very professional in the service that is provided and they have produced work to a very high standard. I would be more than happy to recommend their services and furthermore I would be happy to discuss further our experience with them.”

Roger Percival, Audi

“I have worked with Falcon for the past 12 years. We are a main dealership with varying cleaning requirements.

We hold two major off-site Sales Events, and the flexibility and helpfulness is second to none. With customer expectation climbing all the time, I have had little or no concern over the quality of their services. I have been contacted by several Motor Cleaning companies, and see no reason to change. A testimonial in itself.’

Edward Coe, Accident Repair Centre Manager, Allen Ford

I would like to let you know how happy we are with the valeting and general work ethic shown by Mamode Rosun. He continuously turns out highly prepped vehicles going as far as to clean and shine the Keys! We have recently received a letter from a customer who replaced his company car with us. After looking at a number of used car sites between his home in Manchester he chose us purely based to the high standard of preparation of our vehicle. Once again chuffed to bits with Falcon

Ian Holdsworth, Stourbridge Motor House

Fantastic – Falcon are always top of my list for all my events which require onsite valet support. Darren our point of contact is always friendly, efficient and helpful. Their team of staff are always professional and smart. Great company to work alongside. I have and will always recommend them for their service.

Naomi Smith, Paragon, Events Team

“Falcon Car Care were our valet supply team at Mercedes Retail Group Tamworth during my time as General Manager. I always found them to be positive, reactive and able to deliver our high standards on a daily basis”

John Barnes, Ex General Manager, Mercedes Benz Retail, Tamworth

We operate a challenging site with high volumes of vehicles being prepared to very tight timescales. Our customers expect quality and deadlines to be met, no exceptions, so admittedly I was somewhat apprehensive about changing our valeting supplier.

The incoming supplier would be inheriting existing valeting teams and would need to hit the ground running immediately. However, I needn’t have worried. I was delighted with how smooth the transition was to Falcon Car Care and the level of support provided by their management. I have also been very impressed with the noticeable improvement in the actual quality of the valeting. Importantly our customers (NETWORK Q) have even commented on this.

These improvements are testimony to Falcons policy of providing more effective equipment and cleaning chemicals. However the hands on supervisory support they provide has been the big difference, enabling operational improvement and ensuring our valeting teams are happy and effective. If you are reviewing valeting or looking for an improvement on your site, I really cannot recommend Falcon highly enough.

Tony Banks, , Paragon Automotive, Corby